Member of WSAVA

Since September 2020 KSAVA is member of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association

Be a vet for pets! 

Bëhu veteriner për Manarët! 


KSAVA is a professional association for veterinarians dedicated to small animal medicine.

The organisation protects the interests of the members and their profession. Specifically, it has these goals:


a) interests vis-à-vis the population, the authorities and Institutions to raise the profile of the profession of veterinary medicine in small animals

b) promotes professional ethical conduct through a code of professional conduct; it obliges the members to Compliance;

(c) promote collegial behaviour and solidarity among

the members;

(d) promote human and animal health;

(e) shall promote sound food of animal origin;

(f) undertake to protect the animals;

(g) carry out marketing and public relations work for the

the entire profession;

h) maintain relations with professional veterinarian organisations in other countries and with international organisations pursuing similar objectives;